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[quote]I am not really supposed to say but in the 9 videos that i made over the span of a year, I made roughly ,000. You get to take trips that are totally paid for, meet new people, and have fun.[quote]He's gay, but says a lot of guys on Sean Cody are straight because the money is so much better than straight porn. So they grossly exaggerate the pay so those guys obsessed with straight guys gay sex can believe it.

And once and for all, straight guys don't have sex with orther guys let alone on camera for the world too see forever.[quote]12. [quote]I am currently working on my Psychology degree. If it weren't true, wouldn't there be a serious outcry by straight guys who were supposed to do a scene for SC and expected to be paid super good and then found out they get paid on the super cheap?

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Now that Sean Penn's no longer married, it'll be interesting to see what Hollywood starlets he hooks up with.

Will he fall for the roster of famous babes that end up in celebrity sex tapes?

But it turns about she might have changed her mind. And while they're there, they want to also get married AND adopt a child.

Sure."They want to get married very soon," a source told the magazine of the couple's wedding plans.

Penn, named Best Actor early this year for portraying gay San Francisco politico Harvey Milk, was seen squiring new girlfriend Jessica White around Manhattan last weekend.

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