Sedating cats for air travel

I want the flight to be as stress free as possible for her. I have already contacted the airline and booked her.

She is normally a very confident, nosy cat but I think the really busy airport may frighten her. What were the side effects, was is stressful for them? Nothing was said about sedation but I know they can deny a sick looking cat without a health certificate - which she'll have.

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Just like some humans, cats are susceptible to motion sickness.

Cats also hate new routines and environments, which can make car travel very stressful for them.

If you take sensible precautions the chances of your cat becoming lost en route will be minimal but be prepared for any eventuality.

Make sure that your cat is fitted with a collar and tag with your address and telephone number.

If you are reluctant to use a prescription tranquilizer on your cat, or your vet considers her to be a risky candidate for a pharmaceutical sedative, consider using cat nip or a pheromone spray.

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