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For him she was no more than work,and for her he was a way to save her brother ,, What will happen If they fall in love will will this thing change or it will be worse than before Seto X Serenity [ Chapter 9 : Togerther again ] R&R .

He hires the only person who would be willing to work for him.

Unfortunately Kaiba finds the girl a pain in the ass to work with, and while her feelings are completely mutual, the two find the oddest events bringing them closer. Serenity owes Seto big time and when she quits her job as an assistant attorney at the prestigious law firm in NYC, Seto offers her a job as his personal secretary.

I look more greek/spanish/italian/etc than Indian though so people usually talk shit in Punjabi behind my back.

I'm a nice person and enjoy intelligent conversations. I'm a pretty open person when it comes to a lot of things but I do admit I am stubborn.: I am pretty open to just about any type of music.

that why I don't have a girlfriend ' a voice whispered in his head ' maybe I should try this and when I win I will prove to this old jerk that I can do what I want ' Kaiba smirk and said " Alright , I will do what you said "" Good , you have to get married to woman first then you must live with her for 3 month , if you did that I will give you the company , deal ?

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