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My knees push further apart and one hand would creep down between my legs. One of my hands would slide down to cup your breast, pinching and rubbing your nipple. And then I want you to bury your fingers inside me and repay the favor with hands and mouth. Her: So you lean back against the wall for support and gasp noisily as you cum in my mouth. Him: Oh God, I'd cum so hard, holding your head tight and not sure I'm able to breathe.. Him: My fingers and lips itch to touch your breasts! Him: I begin to restiffen at the sight of your body before me.

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Then have you slide your hand along my length, feeling me get hard.

Her: So I'm working my hand along your shaft and watching you react - biting your lip, closing your eyes, throwing your head back.. Her: Then I'd kneel in front of you and watch your face as I give your rod some tentative, teasing kisses and licks.

Do I take you into my mouth or just tease you a bit first? Hear you moan and throw your head back in pleasure; wrap my lips around the head and lick the underside. Her: So I stand slowly, licking my lips to catch the last of your semen, and turn my back to you.

Him: I'd have to bite my hand to stop from groaning. Him: My fingers would tangle in your hair as you move your mouth up and down, sucking and licking on my cock. I unhook the clasp of my bra, which had already been partly pulled down by your invading hands.

another idiot came into the NG room on paltalk looking for cyber sex. hirevi: right hirevi: me hirevi: 29 hirevi: u fi you dont mind willpostforfood: cyber = cyber secksorz hirevi: i see hirevi: how old are u ?

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