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For instance, we really love using the platform to support young and smaller up-and-coming brands and designers to hopefully aid them becoming more established.In the end, the ultimate reward is consistently working hard at something that you not only strongly believe in but also really love doing."What's the one trend for this summer you're most excited about?And I noticed that there was a gap in the market for weekly nail polishes that have a really great formula.

I stick to red most the time, as does my mum – Hutch is named after her for that reason: it’s perfect mother Hutchings red [Olivia’s mother is Lynn Hutchings].

When you're chatting with Olivia Palermo, you notice two trademark qualities: her soft-spoken words and her impeccably styled outfit.

For a Banana Republic pop-up event in NYC, Olivia was in a glittery, metallic navy skirt with a matching top and had tied a light sweater around her waist.

It was this effortless, how-does-she-do-it style that drew a crowd around the star as she took photos and chatted about the items she curated specially for the pop-up shop.

Everything is versatile, handpicked, and the fabrics are amazing.

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