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Each crusher tells the crushee that he or she is preparing for a blind date and asks the crushee for assistance. The crusher's goal is to get out of the "friend zone".The first part of the show follows these preparations and the crusher speaks to the camera about his or her feelings towards the crushee.With 55 vignettes, some as short as a page, she weaves a powerful narrative about their struggles and their perseverance from 2008 to 2013.

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MILWAUKEE -- On the morning of July 5th, a white van left Fox Lake Correctional Institution.

In the back, Matthew Schechter, a Milwaukee man with a history of sex crimes.

In the movie, Lorraine happened to have recently moved to Los Angeles from Wisconsin.

Of course she’s played other unforgettable characters including Roller Girl in .

(More details here.) -- Today also happens to be the publication date for Amy Goldstein’s terrific new book, “Janesville: An American Story.” It is a close-up look at what happened after G. shut down the assembly line two days before Christmas, as the company sought to survive and the country tried to fend off another depression.

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