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June 2, 2014 by Andy Saks Over many years as a professional presenter and speaker, I’ve accumulated a treasure trove of funny, inspiring, insightful public speaking quotes. They’ve helped me immensely, and helped me help others. Other times I peek at them when I need some inspiration myself. Inside I was petrified.” – Leonardo Di Caprio (at the 1998 Academy Awards)“In the preaching moment, there is a liminal moment in which is dawns on you standing there that yes, there is something more going on here that I did not anticipate…You feed of the congregation, because black preaching is so dialogical. Sometimes I show them in a looping slideshow to warm up an audience before a keynote speech or presentation skills training program. I was shaking in my seat, putting on a posed smile.Enspire developed this financial planning game for a major United States insurance and financial services company.

These ATC quotes and stories therefore offer excellent quotes, stories, analogies and examples for training, speaking, presentations, writing, etc., about achieving quality of customer service and service delivery - and communications in the workplace generally.

There is certainly justification for fun, humour, firmness, and 'banter' in organizational communications, although good teamwork and relationships and quality can be undermined if messages/responses cause upset or confusion.

Phase 2 will include badges, learning plans linked to accredited competency frameworks, wikis (for collaborative content development) and new content from international thought leaders and academics.

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