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The Ghost star split from first husband Alvin Martin in 1979 after six years of marriage and went on to wed David Claessen in 1986. You have to actually want a life with someone through ups and downs and I discovered that wasn't for me." Goldberg refuses to reveal the identity of her mystery man, but insists it wasn't actor Ted Danson, who she briefly dated.

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Isn’t buffoonery — or dressing in blackface in order to denigrate African-Americans a la a minstrel show — exactly what Whoopi’s then boyfriend, Ted Danson, did in 1993 at a Friars Club Roast for her?

Because at the time she defended him, too — saying that people just didn’t get that the Friars Club was an anything goes atmosphere where “everything is fair game.” Maybe it makes some sort of self-serving sense for Whoopi to omit the whole Danson thing.

And she defended them, scoffing at the university’s decision to subject the girls to “cultural competency training.” “The fact that they dug the Huxtables enough to want to dress like them says that they have cultural awareness,” said Goldberg.

“There’s a difference between what the Huxtables look like and what actual buffoonery looks like.” But, wait a minute.

He was born in California, but grew up near Flagstaff, Arizona with Hopi and Navajo children as his friends.

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