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You’ve been warned.“Western audiences love strong, memorable, active main characters, whereas Korean literature has tended to find an aesthetic value, and a social truthfulness, in quietness, ordinariness, [and] passivity,” says Deborah Smith, a London-based translator of Korean literature and the founder of Tilted Axis Press.(She translated , mentioned below.) “They’re not coming from the tradition of the Romantic hero, and the contemporary culture is nowhere near as individualist as ours.” On that note, here are a few books you should know about—just don’t mistake any of them for beach reads.—three connected novellas published in a single volume—is her first to be translated into English.In one message, Roehrborn said, “Aw, it sucks that you’re seven years younger than me, cuz nobody wants me to be with you cuz I can get in trouble.”The messages suggested to officers that the alleged sex act had occurred around July 4 or July 5 in Sheboygan.

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The two players who were so convinced of her cheating that they placed their careers on the line, were ultimately forced to quit playing professionally.

They left in shame, and are no longer part of team Dizziness.

In particular, the country’s literary scene is making a name for itself with dark, transgressive fiction by female writers, some of which might not feel familiar or likable enough for American readers—but they’re well worth the challenge.

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