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There are a handful of ways you can ruin a bar chart. Bar charts are only effective when we can use the length of each bar to make rapid comparisons.

If one bar is twice as long as another bar, then we expect the value to be twice as much as the other bar.

They are my friends on here and they are always there for me. This is a wonderful site to meet new people-- I, for one, love meeting new and cool people on the net- Especially when its about 2 AM and I have no one to talk to- Even early in the morning, the peeps on here keep me smiling and laughing. peeeacee =]Teen chat is awesome, i used to be on here everyday when i was younger and it still has many good qualities for me today i can still chat and have fun on here like i was when i used to go on here!

you can find me in there under the name Cowgirl Up.

I’m a big fan of the team at SAS that works on the SG (statistical graph) procedures.

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