The dating process

What follow is a proactive approach to finding suitable partners.

Similarly, you should spend some time reviewing your career options even if you are relatively comfortable with your plans.

There are over 400 broad professional job classifications and over 800 detailed professional job classifications, many of which you have probably not considered. S., including over 18,000 with more than 500 employees — each with a somewhat unique culture.

It's also nerve-wracking to wait around for a response, so instead of checking in obsessively, choosing a time of day to login will help curb those tendencies. It may seem rude, but you don't have to respond to every email you get if certain people don't interest you at all.

This is a big time waster, especially since many people are sending mass emails and hoping someone responds. If they send you repeated emails, then send them a short response of "thanks but no thanks" - keep it brief and polite. I'm not a fan of narrowing your choices down so much that you only have a few candidates to choose from. Sort through your matches according to what's most important to you - whether it's a religious belief, an interest or hobby, or how far you're willing to drive to meet them.

Our model is based around establishing a dedicated consultant between yourself and our eligible members through each step in the matchmaking process.

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