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Also each year more research (e.g., Holmes & Masuda, 1972; Seligman, 1975) relates many physiological problems, such as colds, ulcers, and cancer, to the stress a person experiences and how the stress is handled.Thus relaxation training is a common part of many programs.It is often useful to introduce this training early in clinical sessions because it calms the client down, shows him you have some powerful tools at your disposal, and gives the client a sense that there are things he Thus several programs have been geared toward teaching people how to relax and use this as a self-control skill (Goldfried & Trier, 1974; Mikulas, 1976a; Sherman & Plummer, 1973).

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Mc Gruff the Crime Dog Costume The Department of Public Safety also has available a Mc Gruff the Crime Dog costume for usage by law enforcement agencies and local businesses/community partners.

There is no charge for the loan of this costume (other than shipping costs if the item cannot be picked up), but the borrowing agency is responsible for the cost of dry cleaning the costume prior to its return to our Department and is responsible for any damage that occurs while the costume is in the possession of the borrowing agency.

Many aspects of the gun control issue are best measured and sometimes can only be measured through surveys,[1] but the accuracy of such surveys depends upon respondents providing truthful answers to questions that are sometimes controversial and potentially incriminating.[2] Thus, Just Facts uses this data critically, citing the best-designed surveys we find, detailing their inner workings in our footnotes, and using the most cautious plausible interpretations of the results.

Particularly, when statistics are involved, the determination of what constitutes a credible fact (and what does not) can contain elements of personal subjectivity.

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