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The Pirate Bay already has an uncensored image-hosting site call Bay IMG and has confirmed it is working on an uncensored video-hosting site.

Brokep, one of the founders of The Pirate Bay, told blog Torrent Freak that the group decided to launch Bay Words after a friend's Wordpress blog was removed for linking to copyrighted material.

If you are looking for a great resource, Mayo covers all the questions you can think of and more in Uncensored: Dating, Friendship, and Sex.

The new blogging site, dubbed Bay Words, is powered by Wordpress and will eventually make money off ads.

The first in 2009 surveyed 15 countries, The reports are based on surveys that ask a set of questions designed to measure each country’s level of Internet and digital media freedom, as well as the access and openness of other digital means of transmitting information, particularly mobile phones and text messaging services.

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