Updating a dataset in vb net

When you drag and drop a Data Set to the form it will be named "Data Set1" by default and will appear in the bottom grey area of the designer (just as it's shown on the image below): Then in the properties window you may add one or more tables using its Tables collection property: Then a new tables collection editor appears and allows you to add new remove Data Table objects to or from an untyped dataset. Note: the very same could be done programmatically e.g.

' instantiate Data Table object Dim table As New Data Table("Students") table.

Load 'TODO: This line of code loads data into the 'Baza_podatkov Data Set.narocilo' table.

Dim CONNECT_STRING As String = _ "Provider=Microsoft.

If the statement does exist in memory, Oracle Database can reuse it and skip the task of parsing and optimizing the statement.

The following code shows a typical contains a client copy of the database data.

NET This is my code for updating my database table name "Prod Rec" Public Sub grid() connect() MD = "Select * From Prod Rec" com = New Ole Db Command(MD, conn) adaptr = New Ole Db Data Adapter(com) ds = New Data Set adaptr.

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