Updating a field

If users happen to be working offline when you publish an updated form template, the update occurs the next time that they connect to the network.Users typically won't notice that an update is occurring, although you can specify otherwise when you design your form template.

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Word offers a couple of features for entering the current date and time, but they can confuse users.

With just a little training, you can eliminate that confusion.

So if anything else is changed the workflow will not start unless the 'approval' value is. Thanks, Check if the two values are not equal to each other, and if the updated value is equal to "approve".

If both are true, start a workflow on the list item programmatically- here are some links to help you with that: coding!

Note: A custom installed form template is a form template that is installed on users' computers by means of a Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) package or other Setup program.

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