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You can either use a GUI software manager like GNOME Software to view and apply updates, the command-line tool or the system D-Bus interface directly.

This is a very incomplete list as a lot of the devices in the LVFS have not yet been released publicly and the firmware updates are in a secret embargoed state.

This list is automatically generated and will be updated when new firmware is added or devices are released to the public.

fwupd is not magic, it still needs to connect to an online repository to download and install the new firmware, which in this case is Linux Vendor Firmware Service or LVFS. is a simple daemon to allow session software to update device firmware on your local machine.

fwupd should work in Ubuntu as well For now, the new tool is still being developed, and it’s also dependent on the Linux Vendor Firmware Service, which is an online resource where hardware makers can upload the new firmware.

You can run the BIOS updater only with the operating system you downloaded it for. Sometime the manufacturer offer a MS-DOS version of the updater, that you can run in a bootable Free-DOS (search google) USB. For example, to update the BIOS of my Samsung Chronos laptop, I had to install Windows in it. For additional information see: and BIOS It depends on the age of your machine and BIOS. See and BIOS . Those techniques , however, will NOT work with more moderern BIOS.

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