Updating cisco router ios

Also the linecards required a file specific to the routing engine.

Many of the routers have redundant routing engines so the images need to be copied onto standby disks as well as the primary disks.

updating cisco router ios-59

Doing this much planning and preparation takes time.

Here is a list of things you need to successfully perform this operation: 1) Router or a Switch you would like to upgrade 2) Console Cable 3) Straight Through Ethernet Cable (CAT5) 4) PC 5) TFTP Server ( Here is a step-by-step of what needs to be done to perform the upgrade: 1.

This 2811 router is running IOS image 12.4(24)T8 and bootstrap version 12.4(1r).

The latest version of the bootstrap software can be found on the Cisco website.

As I’ve been using Ansible a lot lately I decided to start there.

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