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SMC Firmware Updates refer to the System Management Controller (SMC) firmware update for Intel-based computers.

), but it was quite annoying to know that something was kaputt.

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Apple could have provided the firmware restore system on a bootable USB flash drive, but instead the firmware recovery process is rolled into the Recovery HD hidden partition that is now included with all new Macs.

Even better you can use the following tips to create your own Recovery HD on any volume, including a handy USB flash drive you can carry around with you​.

So, you find yourself in the need to flash an EFI update by hand on a mac?? My story is quite funny, it all started….nah, just kidding!

First things first, I’ll tell you my story afterwards. Then shutdown and continue with the default firmware flash procedure for your device (e.g.: Unibody Mac Book 5,1 – 1.3 EFI Firmware). The Mac should reboot, flash the firmware and everybody’s happy again. 😉 And now my story: what happened to me was the following.

I really need this firmware upgrade, to get access to Apple's Internet Recovery system. Before doing anything, especially what's suggested in the answer provided by JMY1000, what EFI Firmware version does your Mac currently have installed?

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