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In previous tutorials we learned how the Object Data Source control allowed for inserting, updating, and deleting of data.

The Sql Data Source control supports the same operations, but the approach is different, and this tutorial shows how to configure the Sql Data Source to insert, update, and delete data.

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On Item Inserting(Details View Insert Event Args e) 137 System.

Handle Insert(String command Arg, Boolean causes Validation) 228 System.

The data source control will take care of everything for you. NET Data-Bound Web Server Controls Overview Data Source Controls Overview This is working as you explained. I'll end this with a last question: This works with a connection between a gridview and a SQLData Source. In this scenario, would you create x number of SQLdatasources and change the gridview datasource ID when needed or would you go with some other option? What would you change from the above code to make it proper coding?

Thanks to the Naveen and lots of tweeking, I finally got to make it work.

The problem is, after pressing the loan button the gridview disappears and i just see the textbox, button and the message on the screen.

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