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updating rosters on madden 08-57

It handles very similarly to the PC and PS2 versions since the databases are similar.

Over the next couple posts and beyond, I'll be posting updated Rosters, Franchises, and Mods to the Madden PSP series which will work on Madden 08 and Madden 12 for PSP and PS Vita/PS TV.

id=6878Thanks to Bus36 for the updates, I havent compared this yet to your updates but somehow I assume most it are already here in this roster. Some were given temporary contracts due to undisclosed contracts per Spotrac and late update of Ourlad * Roster is using Madden 16 ratings so OVR wont translate well to Madden 08. Thanks to Raston's coaches but I made a few adjustments for some coaches to appear in franchise mode. Player positions were somehow temporarily altered to make this roster playable. If you sim this, it will crash in the 49ers resigning stage.

You can start from here and adjust it along the way if I fail to post an update due to busy schedule. 5 were not appearing due to the value listed in COTY column under COCH table. Best way is to control the 49ers to make it past to the next season.

After several weeks of reading, learning, experimenting, and what not, I've gotten a decent handle on editing Madden (and the EA Sports) series of games for PSP.

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