why so picky with dating - Updating sql database from an array

In our previous code Igniter tutorials, we explained you, how to perform insertion and deletion operation on database using Code Igniter.

Now, this tutorial demonstrates you, how to perform Updation operation on database using Code Igniter framework.

For database connectors and API that don't have multi-row insert support these are translated internally as multiple single row inserts.

The constant is initially treated as a string and passed to the array input conversion routine.

An explicit type specification might be necessary.) Now we can show some INSERT INTO sal_emp VALUES ('Bill', ARRAY[10000, 10000, 10000, 10000], ARRAY'meeting', 'lunch'], ['training', 'presentation'); INSERT INTO sal_emp VALUES ('Carol', ARRAY[20000, 25000, 25000, 25000], ARRAY'breakfast', 'consulting'], ['meeting', 'lunch'); If any dimension is written as a slice, i.e., contains a colon, then all dimensions are treated as slices.

Because all these methods return the CDb Command instance, we can call them using method chaining, as shown in the example at the beginning of this section.

In the following, we explain how to use these query builder methods.

The Yii Query Builder provides an object-oriented way of writing SQL statements.

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