lesson of passion online dating game - Updating unleashx

My current Unleash X dash is ver.0.37.1218A build 543. been a long time since i have used anything less than 584 With a softmod, the dash file is usually in the root of the E drive named as with tsop or chip it would usually be in the root of the C drive ( although it can check several locations depending on the bios you use.

In File Explorer find that Unleash X dash main and click on it to make sure it works too.

It should load the newer version so check in System System that it shows the different version number.

: Audio.png- BG_Apps.png- BG_Overlay.png- common-font10.xpr- (!

) filemanager.png- gradient.png- Hard Disk.png- ( XBOX) Icon_bg.png- Icon_Overlay.png- Icon_mp.png- ( 0.39) MP_Bar_Overlay.png- ) mp_buttons.png- Play List.png- progress_over.png- Skin.xm- lspecial-bold.xpr- (!

That's potentially different from the 480i / 480p problem that Redneck9 is having. The Xbox has to be in NTSC mode, and you have to have a component cable plugged in to the Xbox, qand you have to have enabled HD modes on the Xbox.

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