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Trouble was, its Spartan complement of controls left it functionally, well…awkward.

With a Volume potentiometer for each pickup, a master Tone control, and no selector switch, all the pickups in the world weren’t any use if you couldn’t coordinate them quickly and easily.

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There are some ideas as to why the more expensive, classier G-808 never quite took off with the same following as the G-303.

Aside from the fact that Pat Metheny is not dragging a G-808 out every night, the G-808 guitar seems slightly neck heavy when compared to the G-303.

I think it is striking to see the differences among all the neck joint types, i.e., “heels”.

Below, from left to right: 1961 Gibson SG Custom, 1971 Gibson SG Standard (note the cracked and then fixed heel: common on many SGs of any era), 1967 Gibson SG Standard, 1969 Gibson SG Standard, Angus Young Signature Custom Shop #37, 1970 Gibson SG Standard and last, 1964 Gibson SG Standard.

One of the most highly flamed Gibson's you will ever see. Rare 1948 double pickup ES-300, Blonde Finish, Master Tone knob, Kluson tuners, 17 inch body, and Bigsby added in the 1960s.

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