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For children and families Singalongs for Infants and Toddlers: 10 a.m. Join these fantastic singalong musicians for singing and dancing fun. Attendees, you will get to spend time with each organization. This is a good time to find an organisation that suits your interests, talk to current members and even sign up.

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In April, Auburn University, another public college, tried to block Spencer for the same reasons, saying it was unsafe for him to speak.

But a judge ruled that excuse was not valid, and forced the college to allow Spencer to hold his event."There’s been a clear legal precedent on this matter, that’s recent and it involves me directly is as clear as day," Spencer told Buzz Feed News, saying he was "considering legal action" against the schools.

Public colleges are typically bound by the First Amendment to allow space to those who request it, though they can set some boundaries such as requiring speakers to be invited by those connected to campus.

In a memo titled "Richard Spencer is not welcome at this campus," Penn State's president called Spencer's views "abhorrent and contradictory to our university's values." But he cited the "likelihood of disruption and violence" because of the events in Charlottesville as the reason behind the cancellation.

Being silly and having fun brings parents and children closer and strengthens the relationship. Music, paintings, photographs, tasty treats, fabrics, even smells! This meeting is open to all Friends members and the public.

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