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Working with a law student during school might also lead to future full-time employment with you.But that’s only the case if both you and the student want to continue working together after graduation.

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Seriously, legal academics and administrators could find worse uses for ten minutes of their time than reading through the linked TLS thread, which provides a mordant reminder that many 3Ls do literally none of the assigned reading, show up for class only if compelled to do so, and pay no attention to what's going on even when they're physically there. I think I'm gonna take random classes in the rest of the university. The professor emailed said he thought I might be too busy with law school. What could explain this horribly "unprofessional" behavior, which, as every candid observer knows, is epidemic among third-year law students?

A few highlights: I was assigned 8 pages to read for tomorrow...can't even get through 4. (And far from unknown among the more cynical and strategic 2Ls).

The answer is straightforward: so many 3Ls behave this way because they've concluded the third year of law school is, for them, a waste of very large amounts of both time and money.

This is hardly an irrational conclusion, given the following: 1.

As a law student, you will be embarking on a journey that admittedly won’t be easy, but will be very rewarding when you graduate; having acquired the necessary skills beneficial to any career path you take.

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