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"You're the reason he died." Frank moves to comfort her, and she uses the opportunity to tell him that she hopes he dies and that Claire becomes president. Now that the funeral is over, it's time for both parties to use Miller's death for their own political gains.

Frank's plan is to push Congress to make a declaration of war, whipping Americans (and, more importantly, voters) into a fearful frenzy.

In a total Trump move, he also insists on the tightening of visa restrictions and an intense no-fly list.

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When we met the next day Carlos wanted something from the tourist shop that wasn’t accessible to locals so I got it for him.

When we went out that evening, I again picked up the check.

At or so I met up with Carlos and a friend and we went off to a local pizza place. The two guys didn’t have much money so I covered the bill.

Then we went off to a nightclub where there were other Canadian women, also with Cuban men.

ended with Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) becoming husband Frank's (Kevin Spacey) running mate in the upcoming presidential election against suave but hotheaded Republican Will Conway (Joel Kinnaman).

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