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He won a free-throw competition and appeared on the front page of his local newspaper when he was 10 years old.In 2011, he set the NFL single season record for best quarterback rating by posting a 122.5 across the year.It looks like Aaron Rodgers is officially dating again, if sightings of the NFL player dining out with soccer player Marie Margolius are any indication.

They seemed pretty comfortable with each other."Prior to Rodgers stepping out with Margolius, of course, he dated Munn for three years before the couple went their separate ways in the spring of this year.

The relationship wasn't without controversy, as sources often cited it as the reason for Rodgers' rift with his family.

He asked the writer to not contact Munn or his family members and the writer complied. Rodgers says he's straight and, short of any evidence to the contrary, that's the final word.

"Everything about his interaction with a reporter is calculated," the story says, so Rodgers knew what this was all about and that he allowed the writer to deal with his private life, again mixing it with the professional. 86, 7568, Rodgers was on a radio show and brought up how it was hard to keep a separation between his public and private life and how he had to deal with "crazy rumors that swirl around you from time to time that are just silly." He was then asked if he was talking about the gay rumors and he said yes, adding: "I'm not gay. News from a variety of colors, textures and sizes at the family etc The group is best demonstrated by completely.

He succeeded the legendary Brett Favre as quarterback of the Packers.

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