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Date: 14 Sept 01 Song: Breath In Breathe Out Artist: Chris Cagle Transposed by: Eddie Garcia ([email protected]) Breath In and Breathe Out G D C Lately I’ve been runnin’ into our old friends D And somewhere in the small talk C D Someone always asks where you’ve been G D So I tell them what you told me C Cm And they can’t believe we’re through G Em They ask me what I’m doin’ now C D And incase you’re wonderin’ too…

(chorus) G D I breathe in and breathe out C D Put one foot in front of the other G D Take one day at a time, until you find C D I’m that someone you can’t live without C D G But until then I’ll breathe in and breathe out G D C Now I’ve got every reason to find someone new D C Cause you swore up and down to me C D That I’ve seen the last of you G But the way you loved me D C Cm Girl it left me hopin’ and holdin’ on G Em So until this world stops turnin’ round C D And my heart believes that you’re gone…

“This is my life now, and that is, I guess, the difference, so this song is very true to my life and my story and my thinking at the time of, you know, the very first lyric — ‘I wasn’t just broken I was shattered’ — like this just doesn’t get any worse in my mind and emotionally, but then the chorus is really catchy and there’s the irony of all these happy, cheerful voices in there, and I think it’s just a more complete picture of me as an artist. There’s an extra element there that is deeper into my story, my personal story but it’s still the same songwriter stylistically.

I might have to say the album is very diverse from one song to the next but it’s still very me, I think.

Cagle has had brushes with the law before, as in May 2008 he and his girlfriend were arrested on domestic assault charges after a verbal argument turned physical, and months earlier he was arrested and charged with assault after an altercation with the boyfriend of a fan.

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