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“I saw where he went, so I went in a different spot and got a run on him. He got through traffic tonight a lot better than I did.

He was definitely the better car and driver.” “He lets me stay at his house in the summertime, so I had to be pretty nice to him there,” Abreu laughed. He is just as hungry as any of us out here racing.” “I think he got himself a little too high when he got around me.

Freshman – Logan Baker, Taylor Bonnesen, Samantha Bornaman, Trevor Burge, Douglas Bybee, Rachel Casteel, Noah Dayson, Katharine Debortoli, Dillan Findley, Courtney Gibbins, Jenna Greenwood, Steven Greufe, Joseph Griffith, Shanon Haws, Mary Beth Hertzog, Amethyst Hughes, Elizabeth Jerabek, Kelly Jamie, Jessica Kemerling, Ericka King, Summer Kirchhofer, Darci Knowles, Rachel Lauve, Kaitlin Long, Justin Longmeyer, Brittani Lugenbeel, Elizabeth Mansfield, Kaylee Mathiason, Hannah Meyer, Mallory Miller, Tyler Miller, Brandon Norris, Brent Norris, Nicole Patterson, Mysti-Ane Pearce, Mackenzie Powell, Anna Prewitt, Jacob Randle, Adam Reeves, Dylan Ross, Brad Smith, Ryan Spangler, Dominic Taylor, Taylor Thomas, Gregory Troiani, Brandon Uebele, Shelby Walton, Kindred Wesemann, Hannah Widaman, Charlote Williams, Abigail Yoder, Lonnie Yost.

Sophomore - 1st year – Curtis Barger, Jordan Coates, Stephanie Cox, Brittney Parton, Clint Richardson, Kirstie Roach, Virginia Schley-Miller.

“I just gotta thank my guys for getting this car right where it needed to be tonight,” Abreu explained, pilot of the Abreu Vineyards/Priority Aviation/Alpinestars/Rhino Wipes/No. From that point forward, it was all Abreu at the front of the field, chased to the final checkers by Stewart, Cole Duncan, Lee Jacobs and Joey Saldana.

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