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Serena Dyer is the daughter of world famous Dr Wayne Dyer who wrote 30 inspiring and life giving books and is called the father of motivation. Follow Serena on Twitter Word is starting to get out in her community that they are getting divorced. Actually, it's nobody's business, but it's also human nature to be curious. She didn't announce it in the conference room at work. He's sociable and good-looking -- apparently, quite a charmer. single black guys dating services minnesota mfm story Is wayne dyer married now If someone does not back to you online just gets moving - it could be because they are more aligned or dates because you're not their type.

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Wayne Dyer was an American self-help author and motivational speaker.

He was considered the ‘Father of the modern self-help movement’ or the ‘Father of motivation’. He published journals and set up a private therapy practise.

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