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In 2005, they started having sex although they were only fifteen.Craig wanted Rosie to leave for Berlin to start a new life with him during a family holiday in Paris but she couldn't go through with it and he went to Germany alone.

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Rosie liked being the centre of attention and fancied herself a femme fatale.

In 2007, she left school and worked as a PA at Underworld but returned to school to seduce her teacher, John Stape.

Straight away Adam’s thinking for himself and not really giving a toss about Rosie and her dilemma. Well, there may be a point where he goes to the limit and he realises that he’s got to reign it in because he’s taking liberties in places that he just not getting away with taking. People are calling him a mini – Mike Baldwin how do you feel about those comparisons?

I wasn’t aware of the obvious parallels to Mike to begin with however after four or five weeks I realised that he’s very much mini Mike and that was helpful for me to look at what Johnny [Briggs] did with Mike so I can try to bring elements of his character in.

John later blamed Rosie for wrecking his relationship with Fiz Brown and ending his teaching career and held her captive in his late grandmother's attic for two weeks as punishment, although he regretted it and gave her the £150,000 proceeds of the sale of the house as compensation whilst he was in prison for kidnapping.

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