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According to PEOPLE, Scarjo and Kevin’s situation was a “long time coming”.

And that “romantically, things developed organically”. PEOPLE’s source also claimed that the “relationship has been a little on-and-off, but it’s definitely on right now given that they can both stick to one place for the moment and actually be together”.

“It wasn’t like they showed up separately and met for the first time,” the insider added. He was star struck.” In fact, the pair has been in contact for some time now, according to Radar’s source.

PHOTOS: Look Back In Time: 20 Hollywood Stars — When They Made Their First Big Films “They met when she hosted the show months ago and have been talking ever since.” Most shockingly of all, Johansson is the one at the steering wheel of this hot new relationship.

I might be skewered for that, but I think it’s work.

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