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" (previously used by Curly in the 1934 Three Stooges short ), "Whoa Mama!" and "Look what you did" (if rarely someone else caused the damage).

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Former British Prime Minister Net worth: unknown Notable moments: Leading Britain to victory over Nazi Germany in WWII.

Morning routine: Churchill famously got up at 7.30am but remain in bed until 11am eating breakfast, reading the newspaper and dictating to his secretaries.

Co-founder of Apple Net worth: $11 billion upon death in 2011 Notable moments: launching the i Pod and i Tunes and revolutionising the music industry Morning routine: Every morning, Jobs would look in the mirror and ask himself, “If today was the last day of my life, would I be happy with what I’m about to do today?

” If he responded ‘no’ too many days in a row, he knew something needed to change.

He professed unrequited love for neighbor Laura Winslow, perpetually annoyed her father, Carl, and tried to befriend her brother Eddie (whom Steve calls "Eddo").

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