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Now I find the idea of having my cock destroyed under beautiful women's shoes way hotter than intercourse or anything really. never been much into that myself but some videos out there are hot, I like the femdom aspect of it but in real life I could probably kill cheating wife If I had one and fond out I have gotten lick jobs from 4 dogs that were not mine, penetrated 2 (dane and malamute, females both)Been fucked by 1 (intense but it took way to long and i almost got caught)no i dont have picks. That's the place for you, Share anonymous confessions and works of fiction here, I'll start. It all started with foot fetish, progressed into trampling, ballbusting, femdom. assuming by abuse you just mean consensual, rough love making being into fatties doesn't sound that bad apart from the fact that they are probably unhealthy this wayeveryone deserves some love so you're doing god's work bu giving the D to them701115967I once shook the doors of a swimmimg pool cabin and one of the cleaning girls came to listen. Came in about 20 seconds.701116001are you not afraid of getting STDs this way and her falling for the other guy? also would you like the guy to be of a different race or is this just cuck porn bullshit that's disjointed from reality?

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the females begged for it (heat) and the male damn near demanded it701116386When i was a kid i went to a swimming resort and i saw they had cameras in the waterslides and a hot girl was motoring the cameras for when retards clog up the waterslides she sat in a half open shack so naturally i jacked off in the water slides with my cock out because i thought it was hot that she could maybe see me.701116001i tagged my wife 3 times with my best friend.

it was incredible, i took breaks to enjoy the show a few times.

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I dont know if its a fetish but i love to build u cum for a couple days and them spray it all in a swimming pool cabin when theres a lot of girls there.701115830do you feel bad about your preference though? Since this cleaning girl came to listen i think alot of people fuck in these cabins and i want to kind of let the door lock open so one of these girls comes in to see my cock naked. I literally shoved them in my pocket the second i saw them. I had to stop at some random gas station and go jack off with them in the bathroom.

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