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Yet such traditional ideas of stillness and tranquillity are found, not in the temples of Taiwan, as much as a Taipei lakeside resort, where they are enthusiastically marketed in a very material way to the super-rich. A street kid survives by always winning food-eating contests.

Here’s a sneak peek at the Pepperberry denim jacket in 12C (the 10C was sold out when I was there) that I’ll review with the DD Atelier denim jacket in a separate post next week. However, since it’s one of only two pieces that I finally purchased, I’m sure you’ll be seeing it in future posts. Unlike the 12C denim jacket, the armholes didn’t feel too roomy.

“The authorities must take swift action to show that it is treating such incidents against Muslims and other religious minorities seriously.

This incident must be immediately and independently investigated and those suspected of involvement must be brought to justice and victims receive effective remedies including reparations,” said Rafendi Djamin, Amnesty International’s Director for Southeast Asia and the Pacific.

It looked especially good with my street clothes above, but I forgot to take a photo. Loved it, but the closest size available was 12RS, which meant empty pockets of air near the bust darts. Maybe the next time I try their clothes, it’ll be at “A Pepperberry in America”!

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